Local UK Travel and English Language experts

Elizabeth Boardman

Elizabeth leads the excursion elements of our programmes. Elizabeth is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Tour Guide specialising in delivering tours throughout the U.K. During her working career she has primarily been involved with customer service and tourism. For the last 5 years Elizabeth has also worked for major American companies - currently a leading guide for America’s top European Travel Company - delivering various U.K. tours. She is also involved in training new guides, itinerary of tours and international marketing and promotion.

Lucy Boardman

Lucy provides high quality English language tuition to improve your confidence with the English language. Lucy gained her CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) in 2017, holds a degree in International Education and has been teaching English as a foreign language to international students for three years. She has successfully helped to develop the language skills and improve the confidence of her students through dynamic, engaging lessons and has taught students from all over the world including Japan, Spain, Italy and China.



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